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                                                                  About SIA

                                                                  SIA was established in 1999 with the aim of supplying professional finance management and consulting services to foreign invested company... [more]

                                                                  Our Service

                                                                  • AIG (America International Group) Inc. Beijing Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Milliman, Inc. Shanghai Co., Ltd. Beijing Branch
                                                                  • Netgear (Beijing) Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (Beijing WFOE
                                                                  • Reed Elsevier Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Citrix Systems Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Aalst Chocolate (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Lucky Nanfeng Catering Management (BEIJING) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Vifor Pharma Beijing Representative Office
                                                                  • Temasek Management Services Consultancy (Beijing) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Crystal Vision Energy Consulting Beijing Co., Ltd
                                                                  • MASSIMO DUTTI COMMERCE (BEIJING) CO.,LTD
                                                                  • Bershka Commercial Beijing Co., Ltd
                                                                  • PullBear commercial (Beijing) Co. Ltd
                                                                  • Goratu S.A. Beijing WFOE
                                                                  • Lane Intellectual Property Beijing Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Beijing SinoRent Car Rental Co., Ltd
                                                                  • MAPFRE RE, Beijing Representative Office
                                                                  • OYSHO Business Trade (Shanghai) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • Stradivarius commercial (Shanghai) Co. Ltd
                                                                  • ZARA COMMERCE (BEIJING) CO., LTD.
                                                                  • PLAYPHONE INC. (Beijing WFOE REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE)
                                                                  • CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC (BEIJING) CO., LTD
                                                                  • APEX-BRASIL BRAZILIAN TRADE AND INVESTMENT PROMOTION AGENCY B
                                                                  • ANDREWS TECHNOLOGIES, INC.
                                                                  • TRAX INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • BYTE MOBILE INTERNATION CORPORATION (Beijing WFOE) (CITRIX DI
                                                                  • TECHTELC,S.A (TECHNOELECTROMECANICA Y TELECOMUNICACIONES)
                                                                  • GLOBAL AMBASSADOR CONCIERGE (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • TECH MAHINDRA (BEIJING) IT SEVICE LTD (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • BAKER MCKENZIE, HONG KONG OFFICE (Partnership)
                                                                  • AVT NATURAL PRODUCTS LIMITED BEIJING REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE
                                                                  • WCT MANAGEMENT (BEIJING) LIMITED (BEIJING WFOE)
                                                                  • DATACRAFT ASIA PTE LTD (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • INTERCHINA CONSULTING CORPORATION
                                                                  • CHINA TOWNGAS BEIJING REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE
                                                                  • BTD STUDIO CHINA LTD (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • HONG KONG INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT
                                                                  • China National Offshore Oil Corporation, CNOOC
                                                                  • BIWATER (MALAYSIA) SDN BHD(Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • NONGSHIM CO., LTD BEIJING OFFICE
                                                                  • NEWTIMES GROUP (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • TEIPA CONSULTING BEIJING (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • SAMWHA CAPACITOR CO.,LTD
                                                                  • SAMUEL INVESTMENT ADVISORY LTD (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • POSSEHL BEIJING TRADING CO.,LTD (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • LORAMENDI S.COOP (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • DANOBAT GROUP (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • SPAIN TECNATOM S.A.
                                                                  • MONDRAGON CORPORACION COOPERATIVA INTERNACIONAL BEIJING REPRE
                                                                  • BEIJING PROGNOZ SOFTWARE CO.,LTD
                                                                  • BLUE OAK VENTURES LTD (Beijing JV)
                                                                  • Birger Christensen Trading (Beijing) Co., Ltd
                                                                  • CASPERVANDERTAK CONSULTING (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • IMPIANTI OMS BEIJING OFFICE
                                                                  • VEREMONTE GROUP ASIA PACIFIC LTD (Beijing WFOE)
                                                                  • BECKER MINING TRANSPORTATION SYSTEMS (BEIJING) CO., LTD
                                                                  • BEIJING FRITSCH SCIENTIFIC INSTRMENT CO., LTD
                                                                  • RSF ELEKTRONIK GMBH BEIJING REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE
                                                                  • Riverstone Advisory Beijing Representative Office